Everything Was Going Well…

…until it wasn’t.

Adam and Eve. The Apostle PauWilted Flowers medium_6398778431l. Pioneers of the Old West.

They all hold one thing in common: they were individuals in transition charting a new course in life.

And no doubt, they each could have been overheard muttering, “Everything was going so well…”

Let’s take a peek into their stories. They just might lend a key insight or two to those of us who find ourselves in a period of transition and picking out a path.

Let’s begin with Adam and Eve. After all, God did. They helped Him set the course we find ourselves on today.

If anyone could say, “Everything was going well…until it wasn’t”, it was these two. I don’t suggest, however, that we lay blame at their feet. We are cut from the same cloth – created by God in His own image and  in need of a Savior.

In their case, the Garden of Eden provided a setting (for how long, Scripture does not tell us ) free of hardship, challenge, competition, communication issues and heartburn, among other things. Everything was going well…until their sin of disobedience caused the Lord God to drive them out of that perfectness they had possessed. That which was complete for them was now not so much…

The First Couple were the first to face the reality of transition that each of us faces too: living out the ‘…until it wasn’t’ part of their life story and finding their way back.

Then there’s the Apostle Paul. Persecutor of Christians and relishing his power and position.

Unlike Adam and Eve who had it made in the shade and regretfully blew it, Saul also known as Paul was zealously blowing it while thinking he was doing his religious duty. In his  mind, everything was going well…

…until it wasn’t when he was struck blind on the road to Damascus by the luminous light of heaven and heard the voice of Jesus speaking to him. That intervention set Saul on a whole new trajectory. Talk about a changing of the charts he was using to set his course!

His is not an easy story to read, but Paul grew to the point that he could say with the deepest conviction of faith that whether ‘everything was going well’ or ‘it wasn’t’, his eye was set on Christ’s promised goal and he was ever moving toward it.

Lastly, the Pioneers of the Old West. I’ve always admired them, but have given thanks multitudinous times that I was not born in that era! The closest I came to living Little House on the Prairie  was learning in 6th grade to hand-sew those cute gingham bonnets like Laura Ingalls wore.

However, the Pioneers did something as a community of brave (and I’m sure some not so brave ) souls, and that was choose to chart a new course. You can imagine the tangible sense and thrill of adventure as they got those doggies rollin’ – loaded to the hilt with all they would need to start a new life. Everything was going well…

…until it wasn’t. Deep ruts and upward climbs, having to leave prized possessions ditched on the side of the trail, and grieving the loss of those who would not be continuing on.

Adam, Eve, Paul, the Pioneers.
They were all individuals in transition charting a new course in life.

Thought Joggers:

Are you currently in a period of transition?
(For a refresher, see Change vs Transition)

With whom do you most identify?
Adam & Eve, together but faced with sudden transition to the unfamiliar?
Saul/Paul, acting alone but interrupted and course-corrected by God Himself?
The Pioneers, a group of people living both an individual and corporate story?

Transition is a longer affair than the change – sudden or chosen – that introduced it.

As a life coach, I’m here to listen, motivate, and encourage you in living life forward.

Whether everything is going well…or isn’t, if you’re in transition and want the benefit of coaching, I invite you to contact me.

~ Nancy – from the Archives

Scriptures: Genesis 2 & 3; Acts 8 & 9; Philippians 3:8, 3:14

Wilted Flowers photo credit: bobfranklin via photopin cc

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