Embracing Your Design for Redemptive Living

Embracing your design for redemptive living is a bit like eating an elephant one bite at a time.

We seem to innately know that we are unique. There is something  that we are meant to do, become, deposit, leave as a legacy – proof that we were here and our life mattered. Our human spirit knows that.

And so the search begins. Confirmation that we are living in the right place at the right time to be happy and fulfilled fuels us in both redemptive and non-redemptive ways. At the heart of this search, whether we thrash through emotion-laden thoughts of our mind, or actively pursue that something we believe will fulfill us, is our design – waiting to be uncovered, discovered, and effectually evidenced in our life.

The world has a lot to offer. Its worst tempts and its best entices. But even the world’s best – whether in the form of possessions, relationships, accolades, fame, or fortune – will not satisfy that which is the deepest desire of our spirit – to know and be known.

There is only One who knows us inside out. The Eternal, living God has designed us to know Him even as He knows us. We were made in His image, breathed into with the breath of Life, becoming a living soul.1

Yet, it is His unique imprint in the design of our human spirit that is the foundation for and contains the building blocks of the potential He foreknew for each individual life. Truly, there is no one like our God.

Embracing your design for redemptive living is about learning and discovering more of God, and in the process, ourselves as well. When the search becomes pursuit of Him, the most splendid confirmation comes, time and again, as embracing our design brings us into increasing alignment with our Designer.

God becomes the confirming Voice that holds the weight of who He created and designed us to be.

Other voices may speak, or be heard as, a cup of cold water used in redemptive or non-redemptive ways: given to quench the thirsty soul and bring words of refreshing to one’s spirit – or – tossed in chilly, subduing ways that dampen the soul and threaten to douse our spirit’s flame…


One of the turning points in my own life was the day I heard in my spirit, with understanding in my mind –

“Nancy, you are found in Me.”  It was that Voice with which I had become familiar, that only spoke truth.

Those five words – you are found in Me – redirected me, spirit, soul, and body2 in a singular pursuit. As He inscribed them on my heart, He established the necessary elements to what affected my ailing desire:

  • “in Me” – the Source, the Designer of my life
  • “you” – me, the designed, with a spirit that deeply longed for that which was more or less elusive
  • “are found” – ‘dig here for treasure’ signs that have become markers of His deep love and design

Embracing your design for redemptive living expands as desire to hear God’s confirming Voice speaking to your identity consumes the need to seek the world’s and others’ validation of who you are. You are found in Him.

~ Nancy                                                                                         

1 Genesis 2:7 │ 2 I Thessalonians 5:23

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