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In 2009, I was introduced by my  Life Coach to the wonderful life mapping experience known as Listen to My Life. Using visual maps, Listen to My Life  is a journey that helps you invite God into the process of reviewing your past, assessing your present and continuing walking with God into your future. LTML portfolio

This gift to the body of Christ comes through the vessels of Sibyl Towner & Sharon Swing, founders of oneLife Maps. You can read Sharon’s story in her article featured in the Spring & Summer 2014 publication of Conversations Journal. 

Conversations Journal – Listen To My Life

I have had the privilege of spending time with Sibyl and Sharon and other members of the oneLife Maps team at a facilitator’s retreat. While there, my appreciation was further deepened for the Holy Spirit-inspired tool these maps have proven to be – both in my life and the lives of many others.

 “Is the life I’m living the same as the life that wants to live in me?”  ~ Parker Palmer

Though I first experienced the maps in a facilitated group, there are many ways to utilize them…

  • They are designed for self-guided use if you would like to process the maps on your own.
  • They are best used with listening trios – one of my most-requested facilitations is with duos (two people, with me as facilitator completing the trio).
  • They are excellent for groups where additional content can be shared with the whole; trios are then formed for a smaller, more intimate listening and sharing experience.

The maps’ versatility provide added benefit:

  • The eight maps can be processed in an orderly fashion from beginning to end.
  • Individual or paired maps may be chosen and offered for processing of specific seasons and elements of your life story.
  • Selected maps may be especially useful when working with a coaching or counseling client desiring spiritual growth coupled with meaningful action.

Perhaps you are one who wonders at the wisdom or safety of looking too deeply into one’s past. Joan Kelley, Director of Facilitator Development for oneLife Maps, wrote a thought-provoking blog post for the oneLife Letters blog entitled Looking Back vs Going Back. I invite you to read it here.

If you find the concept of life mapping intriguing, you can learn more at or call me at 509.290.6810.

Today, one of the privileges I enjoy is guiding others through the Listen to My Life  experience. I invite you to contact me today to discuss the possibilities the life maps offer for you, two, or a group experience.

Your story matters.

Listen to your life ~ Nancy Bentz

Conversations Journal article Used by Permission.

LTML portfolio

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