Big or Bitty – It’s Treasure

Pour out the best you have, and always be poor.
Never be diplomatic and careful about the treasure God gives. This is poverty triumphant.
– Oswald Chambers –poured forth

Say the word treasure  and visions of rich dead uncles we’re not related to tease “If only…” from our lips.

Say the word treasure  and it’s over to the recycle bin to fish out that Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes envelope.

Say the word treasure  and our lip curls ever so slightly as we dryly reply, “Do I look like a pirate to you? “

Say the word treasure  and both the dictionary and the Bible give the same description: a deposit of wealth.

Say the word treasure  and most of us can quote “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”  (Matthew 6:21)

Ah, now we’re getting somewhere…

Where your heart is, is a good indicator of what is in your hand.

When it comes to Skinny Pig thinking, it is not always what is lacking that is the most important thing. There’s a place for that type of coaching focus; a time for building up and strengthening what is weak or missing, in part or in whole.

Other times it is equally important and appropriate to sincerely ask, “What’s in my hand? “

What I appreciate about Mr. Chambers’ statement is that he penned it assuming that we each have a God-given ‘best’ of something to pour out. What treasure have you received in the vessel of you  that wants and needs to be released in a free-flow of gratitude, that brings joy to Him and you and benefit to others?

  • In God’s economy, poverty is of such  opposite spirit than what we have come to understand and expect. To pour out your best to the point of always being poor  does not mean being deprived and unfortunate, whether naturally or spiritually. A thousand times no!

It means that His ability to fill as often as needed is available as often as we are hungry. Papa God don’t raise no skinny pigs!

For all the thousand times no, there’s a thousand and one ways His treasure exists in people everywhere.

Poverty triumphant  means being victoriously lavish with the best we have to give…victorious, because sometimes it is the hardest thing we are being asked to do or to be, yet will yield the most joy.

  • Another key in God’s economy is being faithful with little and letting Him entrust you with much when He sees that you’re ready and prepared. The opposite of independence, it’s called collaboration with Christ.

So, whether your treasure is big or bitty right now…

What is the best you have?
Are you pouring it out?

He has filled the hungry with good things, and sent the rich away with empty hands. Luke 1:53 GNB

 ~ Nancy – from the Archives

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