Trajectory – Becoming What We Behold

Trajectory arrow - medCurves. They come in all shapes and sizes, lengths and widths. I’m talking the curves in life, folks, not bodies.

Life’s curves can come in a gentle arc of ‘wa-a-a-it for it…’ Or, they can resemble the frenzied track of an untied balloon set loose, while rapidly losing all its air.

Boring may spring to mind when it comes to the curves of the gentle arc-ers. Those who like to surf curves on the impetuous side of life can have a hard time relating with those of the let’s think this through approach.

We’re all wired differently. Life’s curves are not the same for me as they are for you – or vice versa.

However, there is a common denominator hardwired into our DNA that supersedes our differences…

Both the sputtering balloon and the straightest arrow set flying experience what is called trajectory.

My trusty Merriam-Webster defines trajectory as:

the curve that a body (as a planet or comet in its orbit or a rocket) describes in space;
(and/or) a path, progression, or line of development resembling a physical trajectory

When it comes to charting the course – aka trajectory – our life will describe as it follows the curves that come or the line of development it takes as our path progresses, I think in terms of defining moments.

Or, stated this way – the day I turned toward _________.

How would you fill in the blank?

Whatever you turn toward leads you. It means your feet are pointed in a direction that you intend to follow. It sets forth a path with each step taken. Which in turn charts a progression over time that eventually leads to a line of development(s) that plays out in your life. This applies both in the positive and the negative. It is one of the unchangeable laws of human nature – we become what we behold.

Or to really bring it home, like many of us have experienced when driving a vehicle: it steers in the direction you are looking…or steers itself into danger zones when you are not looking while distracted elsewhere!

The Bible addresses this with a well-known word of wisdom from Proverbs 37:23, here in the Amplified:

The steps of a [good] man {individual person} are directed and established by the Lord when He {the Lord} delights {is pleased with, takes pleasure in} in his {the individual’s} way {Heb. course of life, mode of action} [and He {the Lord} busies Himself with his {the individual’s} every step].
[Amplified] {my insertions}

Before the steps, path, progression, and development of the outcome, comes the defining moment. And trajectory is set.

For the one turned toward God and walking out life in a manner that brings pleasure to Him, He is busy! Out in front. Going before. Preparing the next steps. Leaving signposts strategically placed along the path of life’s trajectory. Can you sense the great joy in His heart as He busies Himself on your behalf?!

For the one struggling with wondering where in the world He went while life plays out like a crazed balloon let loose…whether we like it or not, the question must be asked:

What am I turned toward?

God does not ‘play favorites’ but He does play according to His law of eternal principles set forth in love. At any time, we may choose to change our trajectory.

Daily, each of us has opportunity to set in motion a new defining moment.

We’ll visit this topic again down the road. For now, I’d like to leave you with an exercise designed to help you answer our question of the day:

• take a clear, honest look at the trajectory your life is taking
• reflect on (name) what you once beheld or are currently beholding that is a contributing factor
• consult your conscience – your God-given gift of determining what is pleasing to Him
• spend time in His Word, allowing the Bible’s truths to spotlight necessary course correction
• apply its truth to your course of life and mode of action (the long view, the now, and the action steps you take)

Of course you can do this exercise alone. Sometimes, though, it helps to have across the table or on the other end of the phone a listener asking the relevant, pertinent, perspective-filled questions only you can answer.

I’d like to share with you the benefit a life coach brings to the table. You’re invited to contact me here.

~ Nancy                                                                                                                                                 balloons - small

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