Workshop: My Life Now with a view toward living life forward

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Welcome to 2015! I can remember a time when the mere mention of such a date sounded futuristic and other-worldly.

Well, guess what? We’re there now and learning how to navigate living our life forward in this futuristic world!

To help you establish some intentional, well-thought out next steps early in the year, I invite you to join me and others at a half-day             My Life Now workshop

Saturday, January 24, 2015
9:30 am to 2:00 pm
Shammahs Field LLC / Shammah Ministries office classroom
8606 N. Wall Street, Suite 201
Spokane, WA

We all know the new year has a tendency to light a fire under our good intentions! Wouldn’t you agree that four weeks into January is the perfect time to throw another log on that fire to keep it burning?!

This workshop will utilize one of my favorite tools – the My Life Now  visual map from the Listen To My Life maps collection. You can acquaint yourself with the maps here under Life Story.

Our time together will include

  • reviewing elements of your life as you consider what’s behind, is now, and potentially before you
  • time spent in quiet reflection while processing the My Life Now map
  • the sharing and application of other practical tools designed to help you maintain focus in 2015
  • dialogue with your workshop companions
  • purposeful, set-aside time to allow the opportunity to hear yourself think – something we don’t often take time to engage in regularly enough
  • solitude for listening to your heart and inviting God to show how you may write your story together in the context of His grand Story
  • opportunities for further engagement with the life maps, life coaching, and future class offerings

The workshop fee of $35 includes the map, other materials, snacks and beverages. A 30-minute lunch break is included.

You are invited to bring a bag lunch fitting your dietary needs. A microwave is available. For anything requiring cold, please use an insulated carrier or leave food in your car (one advantage of it being winter!) due to our very small office refrigerator. Thank you.

This workshop is a great way to be introduced to the Listen To My Life series, with the maps’ versatility allowing for design as a stand-alone opportunity to come, contemplate, consider and conquer in 2015!

You may have friends who are not yet acquainted with Nancy Bentz, Life Coach; Shammah Ministries; or Listen To My Life. Please take a moment to share this with them. Or better yet, register and bring a friend with you!

Space is limited so don’t delay! Registration closes Thursday, January 22. I look forward to seeing you!

You may register by contacting me at 509.290.6810 or emailing here.

~ Nancy

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  1. Hi Nancy,

    I’m attending the wedding of a professor I had when I received my Master’s in International Management degree at Whitworth on the 24th.
    She met her fiance online last year on Valentine’s Day. She brought him over to our house and he is a “good guy.”
    I’m to bring a German chocolate cake!
    I went as a chaperone with her computer class to Wales, Ireland and England in 2004. I’m happy for them both.
    Good to hear from you.

    • Donna ~ I’m sorry you won’t be able to participate in the workshop, but I remember your stories of the chaperone trip with the computer class back when. What a wonderful celebration to attend! I’m glad you got to meet ‘the one’ personally and that you approve. Have a delightful time. Thank you for taking a moment to drop in with your note. P.S. Feel free to forward the workshop email to others you may know who won’t be dancing and eating German chocolate cake that Saturday 🙂

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