Website Re-do “Sneak Peek Preview”

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a small glimpse at the 
Website Re-do “Sneak Peek Preview”!

Dear friends,

Redoing a website is not for the fainthearted or one of little ‘attention to detail’ span. It’s a LOT of work and multiplied hours!

This little featured photo is a new square button to be placed on the site wherever appropriate…and it’s just the fun piece! The new header / logo (think masthead for the newly redone website) has been a labor-intensive graphic art undertaking on my part, with the wonderful email help of my website developer / brains, Gretchen. At last count in my gmail, our ‘back and forth’ emails total 51. I won’t count the endless attachments 🙂

It was a major ‘hallelujah’ when Gretchen and I signed off on the final version of the header / logo! Not quite ready to share it with you yet, but the square button gives a few clues.

next on the list

Now it’s on to site layout and then, writing new initial content. Turning my attention in that direction lets me know I’m barely past the starting line! This is where, again, I’m readily asking for your prayers when I cross your mind. I need:

~ to remain focused and attentive to this project when I am working on it; it’s not ‘my life’ but requires a lot of hours

~ a sharp, well-rested brain as I put pencil to drawing pad to sketch out a user-friendly, inviting website layout

~ a miracle of content download from my heart and mind, through my fingertips when I reach that point!

I told my husband recently that once this website is underway, the purpose and populating of it may take me the next ten years! He just smiled and said, “that’s okay” – which reflected what the Lord has caused my heart to rest in.

As for this undertaking, it is surely the next phase of the journey in my hinds’ feet. There’s an excited little skip to my step some days … when I’m not wrangling over the tiniest movement of a grape or a text box!

patience is a virtue

Indeed it is. Both for me and for you who are eager and curious. Thanks for your companionship as we keep learning how to grow a life ~ Meanwhile, stay tuned for more of Website Re-do “Sneak Peek Preview”!

Till next time…

~ Nancy

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  1. http://Jan%20Torres

    Looking good girl! All your many hours of work have paid off.
    Looking forward to seeing the finished product.
    Love you Sis,

  2. Nothing of value is rarely produduced without blood, sweat & tears. The Blood of the Lamb, the sweat of your brow & the tears of our rejoicing with you, at the fruit He has intended this website & His Word flowing through your fingertips to change lives, here a little, there a little, precept uon precept on the Rock Christ Jesus.
    You are His chosen & my cherished sister. “Gracefully Free”. 💖

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