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Happy New Year, friends! We’re midway through January (already!), which means where I reside it’s the dead of winter. Makes a body feel mighty grateful for Spring

Now 2019, seven years ago this third week of January Shammah Ministries │Nancy Bentz, Life Coach opened for business and ministry. Every year has been unique by God’s design – both in focus and fulfillment. As the last few months of 2018 drew to a close, a re-focusing began to take place, this time on a different scale.

The post photo above reflects the heart and goal of my work with individuals and groups. Too, it reflects the heart and goal for my own personal growth, especially needful in my desire to be a good steward of helping others live life forward.

With an eye toward another season of transition, I will be working the next few months toward a re-do of this website. While it’s difficult in some ways to say “buh-bye” to the existing site and layout, I am simultaneously jazzed as my exploration of something new and fitting for the re-focus has commenced.

Spiritual growth and development, which has been the underpinnings of most everything I have offered these seven years, has moved to the front of my awareness in more noticeable ways the past many months. The subsequent transition to which I’m putting feet and rolling up my sleeves is in accordance with the work Christ has been doing within me, not just my clients – yet also because of my clients!

So, He leads and I follow in His steps. Choosing to actively trust His word that assures me my steps, and yours, are ordered by Him – here we go!

May I ask for your prayers as I proceed? To capture ‘out there’ (website re-do) what I envision ‘in here’ (heart and mind) is a large enough task in itself. Yet, it’s only the beginning. And that excites me!

Prayerfully, I approach this re-focus with you in mind. Please stay tuned, and I’ll dial in from time to time!

Meanwhile, a new blog series entitled Dear Christian has begun over on Wellspring of Life, my original blog housed at, the ministry website of Mr. & Mrs. Shammah (that would be Wayne and me 🙂 ).

Blessings from the workshop ~


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