When Faith (sorta) Becomes Sight


There’s this thing about faith: faith comes before sight. Where the website re-do is concerned, this is a season of when faith (sorta) becomes sight.

Faith has a substance-like quality to it. Actually, Hebrews 11:1 tells us “now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

These days I have plenty of substance and evidence scattered all over our classroom tables. Faith is my fuel.

further in progress aka counting water lilies

This week I began the next step of envisioning and laying out the website on my sketch pad. I am not an artist. Nosirree bob. But I ‘see’ pictures and placement in my mind. It’s getting it from my soul to the externals where it can be seen that is both the challenge and the joy of creating and accomplishment. Anyone else relate?

A former coworker/friend of mine told me years ago that she paints with colors and I paint with words. I’ve never forgotten that because it landed deeply in me. Kinda like when you recognize something to be true and your spirit shouts “Amen!”

All that to say, I am in the counting water lilies stage – and right now, they feel as numberless as the stars. Only the Holy Spirit, personal and present as He is, can keep me on task with infusions of grace-filled excitement. He is doing a superb job, by the way. And boy, am I learning how to stretch and reach in new and greater ways. Which sure makes my rice-filled neck warmer and hikes around the gym track my new best friends…

hired by heaven

The deeper I get into this project from heaven, the more excited I am to share it with you when it launches.

For now, it’s rather like the winter that doesn’t want to go away. So don’t hold your breath yet…it’s going to be a few more months (well, for the website re-do…hopefully NOT winter!). Don’t hold it against me when I say this ‘eternal’ winter is, however, serving a purpose. It’s keeping me snowed in with the task at hand!

Thank you from the bottom of my waterlily-padded heart for your continued prayers ♥

~ Nancy

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