That’s a Wrap – Adieu to Sweet ’16

That’s a wrap. Adieu to Sweet ’16. Departed and leaving in her wake the stirred emotions of a sixteen-ager.

For many, the past year was not so sweet: some of it was sour, sorrowful, stressful, strict, unrelenting.
For many it was a year full of energy, enjoyment, satisfaction, and the thrill of a ‘something’ well done.

Personally, I experienced some of both. How about you?

Taking a look back over the past twelve months, I think I’d have to say that 2016 was a decided mix of sweet and savory:

wonderful, blessed, joyful moments
as well as
pungent jolts to the taste buds of life

Together, they keep life from becoming terribly stuck. Especially when we gain takeaways from them.

As we bid adieu to 2016, I’ve composed a little self-reflection quiz for us as we step into 2017.

The following questions fit each one of the ten categories for which I write these coaching posts (with title category links). You may wish to answer some of them or all of them. Life happened in 2016. What did yours look like?

Grab a pen and pad, and sure – that last Christmas cookie with your name on it 🙂 Ready? Here we go:

A Picture is Worth…

Which ‘mental snapshot’ most warms my memory or makes me laugh from this past year?
Not ‘a thousand words’ but an image that I carry close to my heart that still brings a smile with it.

Charting the Course
Individuals in Transition

Where, When, Why, How
did I actively chart my course by:
– leaving something behind that no longer serves the purpose it used to?
– starting toward or engaging in something new?
– staying the course but making some corrections?

What do I think / how do I feel about my current course as I enter 2017? Would I like help?

Fine Lines
Character Coaching

Did I grapple with a ‘fine line’ situation or long-held belief this past year?
If so, in what ways did I lean into and invite Christ’s character being refined and formed in me?

How to Grow a Life
Spiritual Development

Can I look back and say with assurance that I developed spiritually in 2016?
In what ways did I come to increasingly know and love the Lord?

Leading With Your Life
Leadership Coaching

As I look back over 2016, in what ways did I embrace and was aware of
the fact that I indeed lead with my life – for blessing or detriment?
Can I share with myself one firm example that led to a positive lesson learned?

Love & Legacy
‘known by our love for one another’

From the perspective of leaving a legacy,
how and when did I act (take specific action) or speak (talk or write)
to show my love for another in a manner that will outlast me?

Skinny Pig
what’s in your hand?

If 2016 was a year of necessity in trusting God’s provision for me,
in what ways can I name His care and blessing and sufficiency this past year?

The Art of …
word pictures of human nature

In what areas of my human nature (thoughts, attitudes, actions) did I practice ‘the art of…’
improving? doing away with? resolving? practicing more of? or?

The Land of the Living
Dealing with cancer and life-threatening illness

Was my life or the life of one(s) close to me impacted by
cancer or a life-threatening illness this past year?
How did I respond? Did my faith grow or wane and in what ways?

Pie of Life
Personal Life Coaching

In what practical ways did I make improvements or changes
that, as I look back, I am glad I took the time and made the effort?
Did I make time to enjoy life/family/recreation?
What would I like to do differently or more of in 2017?

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.
Proverbs 16:9 NIV

2017 has arrived. I am grateful to be here with the Lord helping others live life forward. I look forward to serving you in a fresh new year. You can reach me here. Thank you for referring a friend too!

~ Nancy

Photo Credit: Unsplash by David Everett Strickler

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