Meaningful Things

Sometimes good days become filled with meaningful things and a sense of truly leading with your life.

What’s a good day look like to you?

If you’re like me, it changes based on your definition of ‘good’ at any given time or felt need.

A sampling of my ‘good days’ includes simple joys:

– a clean house, the laundry done and a full fridge
– a weekend with no commitments, ie. white space
– in a car or on a plane getting out of ‘Dodge’
– the enjoyment of a really good meal
– connecting with loved ones to hear ‘all is well’
– a noteworthy session with a client
– another blog post written 🙂

Your list would undoubtedly be different citing ‘good days’ specific to your lifestyle and commitments.

In the daily, weekly and monthlyness of life, good days are a welcome reminder of contentment – with a fist pump.

Meaningful Things

One morning while getting ready for the office, I heard a radio speaker put what ‘expected’ time we have left in life into an equation we can all grasp. If we were to consult an insurance company’s life expectancy chart based on certain factors and our current age, we would see a number listed.

For example, say you have twenty more years left on the life expectancy chart. That would equate to 1,040 remaining weekends in your expected lifetime. Put that way, those weekends suddenly become more valuable!

It’s not hard to figure out that the younger you are, the more ‘expected’ weekends you have for your discretionary use. Conversely, the older you are the amount of ‘expected’ weekends dwindles accordingly. What doesn’t change is that we all still have the same 24 hours in a day as the person next to us. The point is this:

If you have 100, 500 or 1,000 ‘expected’ weekends left in your life,
what meaningful things will you give yourself to?

The number of meaningful things to be done is endless. We are not (at least not in this life in the flesh).

If we’re not careful we can be moved solely by need, controlled by guilt and collapsed from exhaustion. What were once meaningful things have the ful drained right out of them, leaving us with mean and little meaning.

How can we determine which meaningful things are ‘ours’ to which to give our self, time and energy?

For those who are desirous of living life forward through leading with their life, I know of one answer:

The Lord burdens the heart that He calls.

Not with someone else’s burden, but one He has designed specifically to fit you with meaningful things.


This is where the coach in me gets stirred with meaningful things. I am not one for seeing someone simply get plugged in to a cause. Instead, I take great joy in helping that one find their fit.

To that end, I put in a lot of long hours that others would find exceedingly tedious and not their thing. Yet, it makes me available to you who want to move forward in discovering and walking out what is your thing. Including meaningful things on God’s heart that He wants to specifically share with yours.

The number of needs to be met is endless. But there is a cause of Christ for which He’s retro-fitted you.

If you’re ready to explore meaningful things through God’s intentional design and purpose for you, let’s open the conversation. You can reach me here.

P.S. The May 5-7, 2017 Desires & Longings Women’s Retreat has much to do with this very topic! A few spots remain. Registration will close April 20 or when filled. Retreat details and my contact information are on the link’s brochure.

I look forward to hearing from you soon – for life coaching or with interest in attending the retreat.

~ Nancy

Photo Credit: CC0 Public Domain

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