“The Usual”

brown eggs green carton II - Pixabay public domainLike Cheers, the well-known TV sitcom of ‘where everybody knows your name’ fame – today’s version is brought to you by your favorite corner coffee stand ‘where the barista knows your order five cars back’.

Sometimes we are a predictable people, aren’t we?

How many of us peruse the menu and inevitably end up ordering “the usual”? That would be me, often. I know how I like my bacon and eggs.

I know, you know, we all know what we like. And I’m not just talkin’ ice cream. Chocolate chip mint, to be exact.

We are creatures of habit. If it wasn’t for “the usual”, I think the world would tilt right off its axis. It’s much simpler to not have to think beyond knowing what we already know.

But then there are those times when “the usual” isn’t as appealing and satisfying as has been its habit. All of a sudden you want to change things up a bit, so you do. Creating your own personal earthquake – 2.0 on the Richter scale. Anything more than that might really create some havoc.


Recalling that ‘leading with your life’ means ‘living so that your words and actions relate to each other’, it might shock the socks off the life you’re leading (ahem, your own) and a bunch of others around you (those observers with ears), if you were to up the ante a bit and decide to go for more than “the usual”.

Like David on his way to becoming King David…

The king sat on his seat as usual, the seat by the wall;
then Jonathan rose up and Abner sat down by Saul’s side, but David’s place was empty.
I Samuel 20:25 (NASB)

By the time we reach this point of David’s story (you can read more in I Samuel, chapters 15-20), David has passed through a variety of life seasons that comprised “the usual” for a time:

Shepherd boy out tending the flocks in the field while singing for an audience of sheep; talking aloud to the only other real Person around; competing against his own record with a slingshot; and providing for and protecting from the enemy those in his care. He had dreams, but did he have a clue as to what was being fashioned and formed within him? Endless days and nights, with only the occasional lion or bear to liven things up were no doubt his version of “the usual”.

Then, “earthquake!” Becoming the real winner of the ‘Mr. Universe’ pageant (where at least Samuel only  thought the incorrect winner’s name and refrained from shouting it out loud). By the time seven of the band of brothers had passed by Samuel the prophet, he was probably getting tired of hearing, “Nope. Not that one.” How many ways can God say nuh-uh? Never mind. That’s for another post another day.

Back to Samuel…after the seventh and remaining son of Jesse stood before him with God’s thumbs-down, he   asked Jesse if that was the last of his children. But of course not! There remained the runt; the least; the lesser; the youngest. Scripture’s description, not mine. Well, if that didn’t up the ante for David, I don’t know what would. Anointed as the future King of Israel, the Spirit of the Lord came mightily upon David from that day forward. The same Spirit that departed then-reigning King Saul. Talk about a new “usual” for both David and Saul!

David, however, didn’t immediately step up to the throne. It was to be years yet before shepherd boy would become shepherd king. A whole new season of “the usual” became a proving ground of that which he had been taught and had been formed in David ‘back in the day’. It was also the years of holding close in faith that for which he had been anointed and chosen by God to yet be.

We know the rest of the story – David eventually became King in reality and reigned for 40 years. Scripture recounts even more seasons of “the usual” that David lived throughout those decades. He was not a sinless man. He was human. But the defining factor for David was his heart:

“After He had removed him (Saul as king), He raised up David to be their king,
concerning whom He also testified and said, ‘I HAVE FOUND DAVID the son of Jesse, A MAN AFTER MY HEART,
who will do all My will.’ Acts 13:22 (NASB)

If we predictable people are honest, we likely have times when we want to chuck “the usual” out the window. But our reasons and circumstances being what they are, we stick with what we know.

Until the Lord decides it’s time to shake things up a bit and create some havoc. Ultimately good havoc, but havoc nonetheless.

At such times we have a major part to play, for how we respond empowers how we lead with our life.

– either following hard after the heart of the Lord with a growing willingness to do His will, or
– determining that the former “usual” is safer in its predictability

Could David have chosen to disbelieve the Word of the Lord and returned to tending sheep? Can we?


If you’re willing to take a risk on leading with your life in a new and different way, may I have the privilege, with the Lord, of introducing a little ‘good havoc’ into your life and spiritual development?

Two upcoming opportunities are designed to spur you on from being satisfied with just “the usual.” There is so much more in the heart and mind of God for you. Here are two ways to explore and discover:

Wreck Room Renovations“Wreck Room Renovations” – a ten-week local class beginning soon on Thursday, January 21. Click here to view the brochure with all the details and registration contact information. Registering women (late teens & this side of 100) through January 19.



Listen To My Life half-day workshop with the visual maps, My Life Now and My Life Story (early years). Saturday, January 30 ’16 from 9 am – 2:30 pm in our Shammahs Field │Shammah Ministries classroom. (Ideal for those within driving distance of Spokane; if a bit farther away come Friday and overnight to participate!)

And always, if distance is a factor, coaching or counseling is available via Skype as well.

I look forward to connecting with you if you’d like to change “the usual” from your seat ‘five cars back.’ 🙂

~ Nancy

Photo credit: Pixabay Free Images / Public Domain

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