Sparkle On! – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Mammogram sparkle fadeAs an advocate for spiritual heart health (see Wellspring of Life), I also urge women to get their mammogram! Both of my breast cancer diagnoses came as a result of being detected on my annual mammogram. There are some reasons your mammogram is important:

1. If you have not had a baseline (first) mammogram done yet, I encourage you to do so if you are 35-40 years old.

2. If you have a family history of breast cancer (either side of your generational line) and/or ovarian cancer, it is doubly important that you have a mammogram done – and you need not wait till 40 years old. I have a strong family  history; I had my baseline done at age 31 and an annual mammogram every year thereafter.

3. The baseline and subsequent annual mammography photos give the radiologist something to compare. In my two cases, my eagle-eye radiologist saw something on the new set that he did not see on the previous set. It sent him investigating by calling me back for a re-do of pictures on the side he wanted to check out further.

4. Breast cancer statistics are revealing younger onset of cancer diagnoses. Young  women are being diagnosed. Pay attention, gals. October and Breast Cancer Awareness month rolls around every year, but please don’t roll your eyeballs 🙂 If you fall in the category of #2 above, make an appointment (and don’t let your physician tell you that you’re too young!).

5. EARLY DETECTION is key! I was diagnosed with the hummer of all breast cancers both times – highly aggressive triple negative BC. You don’t mess around with it. But! Because I was diligent about my mammograms due to my family history, it was caught in its early stages both times, before it had spread.

6. You have so much to share, and learn, and grow in, and bless others with through your life. Don’t let a too-busy schedule, denial, fear, or laxness interfere with your  taking care of yourself in ways that are important to your health, life, well-being, family and friends, and most of all, your gift of you in the hands of He Who formed you and gives you life. Every. Single. Breath. Every. Single. Day.

I love you women. Please take care of both your physical health and your spiritual heart health, for your heart is the wellspring of your life. But it helps to have a cared-for body for that wellspring!

Take care of you in the ways that are within your ability to do. Trust the Lord with the things that are not within your control. Together, you and He make a mighty team.

~ Nancy

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