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smartphone II -Pixabay CC0 public domainMy husband and I received a ‘welcome to the 21st century!’ by our son-in-law when we talked with him and our daughter on our recently purchased smart phones. (He also text-welcomed me to emoticon-ville and our daughter is now waiting for some of my future funny auto-correct texts…)

The point being – my spouse and I were quite content with our semi-dumb phones for the past three years. Talk, text, photos. Now, after just one week of use with these smarty pants phones, we can no longer blame things on the semi-dumb versions we owned. The jig is up, as is the bar for operator error.

We’ve now graduated to life by a different standard. At least in the telecommunications department.


In this Skinny Pig coaching niche, the tag line remains the question: ‘What’s in your hand?’

It’s a question my husband and I have answered countless times over the past forty years, thus having developed a philosophy and way of thinking about major purchases:

Buy quality.

If you are making a major purchase,
first determine your available resources.
Then, buy at the top end of what your resources allow.

If you have the choice between el-cheapo to save a few bucks,
consider putting those bucks toward a better quality product
as it will most likely save you time and money in the long haul.

Don’t get in over your head.
That is, if you know what you  can reasonably afford
for a one-time or monthly payment, stick to it.
We live in a world of plenteous goods.
You can find something you like that will serve you well.

We love a bargain. It’s a rare occasion that we’ll lay out money at full price. It certainly depends on what it is, but for the most part, sales are our best buddies when it comes to shopping excursions – groceries, clothing, supplies of various kinds and yes, even major purchases. Because ya know, they go on sale too.

Several people upon hearing we had gotten smart phones (exciting news travels fast!) asked what kind we bought. One friend went for the upper echelon and asked if we got an iPhone. That one made me laugh. And no we didn’t, by the way.

In keeping with our ‘major purchases’ philosophy, here’s what we did:

We went on a discovery excursion to see what was available.
In so doing, we had an idea of features we wanted / needed.
We also had developed a liking for not being ‘on’ 24/7. (We won’t function well if we are.)
We went in knowing how much we were paying each month
for our dumb phones that had limits on both calls and text messaging.

Armed with that info and the recognition we really needed to upgrade our phones as we’d stalled long enough, we ended up getting two fancy pants smart phones that do everything we need and more, with unlimited talk and text, plus a free 8″ tablet and extra portable chargers for all three devices. All for the monthly payment of just $10 more per month than we had been paying. We love a bargain 🙂

I know, it begs the question of why we didn’t upgrade to smart phones sooner for only $10 more? Because,

there’s something intriguing about Skinny Pig thinking.

The more I unpack it, the more I see how the Lord loves to take what’s in our hand (in our case, ‘this much’ for the monthly payment of a cell phone plan) and increase it to meet the current need (daily evidence we needed to upgrade our phones as we were now consistently running over our talk and text allotments the past several months). For ten dollars a month more He provided far more than we’d had.

Over the years as we have grown to be content with that which is sufficient; have practiced the art of not getting deeply into debt; paying our bills first, then purchasing or saving to purchase for our needs or the occasional want to make life easier or provide enjoyment – the Lord has blessed our Skinny Pig.

So now if you are to ask me, ‘What’s in your hand?’ I can show you some fun emoticons and get a little crazy with my unlimited texting! (Note to self: remember to write that post about The Art of Restraint…)

Life by a different standard when viewed through a Skinny Pig mindset simply means the Lord provides.

Rather than a philosophy of having to own the latest new thing on the market, even if it means going into debt and racking up the credit cards – the Lord knows what the look of our blessing is in need of. He thought up ‘unlimited’.

If this is hard or you feel like a Skinny Pig, aren’t sure what is in your hand or would like help with getting a handle on Skinny Pig thinking, we offer counseling and coaching right here(Or you can text me an emoticon of a little pig; I’ll get the message!)

~ Nancy

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