Learning 101: the dignity of “I don’t know”

Learning 101: the dignity of “I don’t know”.

What a game-changer that is in our pursuit of how to grow a life.

When it comes to spiritual growth, we develop according to the same type of principles by which a flower or a fruit tree is produced. A seed planted – then properly watered, fed and cultivated – in time unveils the dignity it’s been endowed with after its own kind. (Genesis 1:11-12)

Who does not enjoy the beauty of creation when nature ratchets up its display in each of its seasons?

Similarly, who among us does not take pleasure from learning something new that sparks a greater level of understanding and ownership?

The joy of learning is directly linked to acknowledging “I don’t know”.

Some of us are curious by nature. Let me rephrase that. I believe we are all curious by nature, but some of us have been shamed, blamed, or somehow estranged from the love of learning and developing as God intended.

For something as eternally vast as this, learning 101: the dignity of “I don’t know” may serve as a reminder of where to begin again when it’s time for another growth spurt. We learn in ever-widening circles, but the principles remain the same. If we forget how to learn, we forget how to grow. You and I were created to grow.

LEARNING 101: the dignity of “I don’t know”

Life can overwhelm or become complicated at times. On the flip side, it can devolve into boredom and un-zest. An un-zesty life can al-l-l-most convince us there is nothing new under the sun. Won’t you be surprised…

Which leads us to our first bullet point:

  • Make a list, mental or otherwise, of “what I didn’t do”. Your list may include regrets or missed opportunities – you know, the road less traveled, I took the right fork instead of the left, etc. But as a life coach, I’m not going to let you off the hook that easily. “What I didn’t do” may include something you were supposed to do, were created to do, or asked to do – but The Big But came in too handy. A lot of us live unfinished lives on our way to completing the days of this life we have been given.

Learning 101: the dignity of “I don’t know” – a bona fide starting gate for evaluating “what I didn’t do”.

  • Make another list, this time celebrating what you did do! Have you ever stopped to think of the innumerable things you know how to do or have some knowledge of? Aren’t you a smart thang? 🙂 The key to growing and developing though is not growing too big for your britches. One leg at a time, folks. There is also a dignity that comes with being able to say “I do know” when it’s tempered with grace.

This is what I love to watch unfold in people who embrace Learning 101 and find joy and satisfaction.

  • The last bullet point for today is near and dear to my heart. It’s the unpacking of what’s inside of you. It is foundational to the coaching process, which – oh my gosh – what a fit! Joking aside, though, the heart of a learner cannot help but beat forward when there is something life-giving to share. I just happen to be convinced that there’s a lot of life-giving stuff pre-packed inside of you. Which is why I love coaching and find a measure of joy and satisfaction myself as you discover yours.

Isn’t God good?

LEARNING 101: beyond the lists

A key element of having learned something new is to experience it. Whether that comes through a transforming spiritual and mental shift; hands-on application; or putting feet to a new accomplishment or endeavor, all the mental muscle in the world doesn’t make it yours until you know that you know it’s yours.

Then, no one can take that away from you.

In the meantime, if you’d like to do some unpacking of the perfectly fit wardrobe of you, I’m here.

~ Nancy

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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