Hopetober – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

BC Hope pumpkinThere’s something about the month of October that I think is simply ideal for serving as Breast Cancer Awareness month.

It stands elegantly at the door of farewell to summer and shall we dance? In October the gowns of nature are deeper and more vibrant, so intoxicating to one’s gaze.

October reigns as queen of the seasons. She is beautiful, taking summer’s ripeness and mellowing it into a rich harvest tinged with shades of gold and wine, ginger and plum.

My life is richer for the many women I have known who have survived or sadly, succumbed to breast cancer. Like October, they too are beautiful, having been mellowed into a richness that facing such an enemy elicited. It’s not an age thing. Some have been older, some middle aged, some young. Some feisty and bold, some certain and confident. Still others wiser and stronger. But all a deeper version of their original vessel.

As a two-time survivor of breast cancer, I am deeply conscious of the life-giving properties of Hope. Would you join me in praying that Hope would not falter but rather, spring eternal in the hearts of those – and their loved ones – who are battling breast cancer even now? Thank you.

Now, if Queen October doesn’t mind…I’d like to christen her Hopetober.

She’ll still reign beautifully, one pink pumpkin at a time!

~ Nancy

I’d very much like to hear from you. Will you take a moment and share in the comments section below the first name of one or several women who are richer and deeper for having faced breast cancer in their lifetime? I’d love to honor them with you. In fact, I’ll start the list…my mother, Audrey, also a two-time breast cancer survivor, now 84 years young! And my mother-in-law, Aldene, who was a breast cancer survivor but has since gone home to Jesus.

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  1. Josie -survivor Linda Jo -survivor
    Judy -gone home to be with the Lord

  2. Hi Nancy:

    In a couple of weeks I have my 5 year check-up from M.D. Anderson and move to a new category of survivor and once a year visits. I had a double mastectomy but the cancer was caught so early that I didn’t have to have chemo or radiation. At my age, I decided against reconstruction and have never regretted that decision. I have always felt that I don’t really belong to the survivors club because I didn’t really know what most with breast cancer go through. This thought was confirmed when I recently took a dear friend for chemo. I sat there so helpless before her obvious suffering and prayed for God’s hand in her life interspersed with prayers of thankfulness that I didn’t have to face this horror. I see God working in her life and the lives of her family and friends. She is an artist and is using this time to draw and oh the wonder of her work. I join you in praying that Hope would not falter but rather, spring eternal in the hearts of those – and their loved ones – who are battling breast cancer even now. Pat

    • My dear Pat, you are what I have termed a breast cancer ‘thriver!’ Of which I consider myself as well 🙂 I did not know that part of your story (we have so much to yak about, don’t we?!), but am so pleased with you that you have hit your five-year marker! I will hit mine next July, praise God. Still doing the twice per year checkups. Thank you for sharing about your dear friend – I love that ‘in the midst’ she is not merely bearing the pain of her cancer journey, but using it. I can imagine the beauty He is drawing up and out through her art, from the deep places where even chemo cannot destroy. Thank you for caring enough to pray Hope-infused prayers into the lives of ones living the experience. Big hug to you, Nancy

  3. Hi Nancy, Thank you for sharing Hopetober. The Queen of the Seasons. I love the line “It stands elegantly at the door of farewell to summer and shall we dance?” I love the idea of dancing. It’s so freeing.
    I too am a breast cancer survivor and celebrate life!

    • Melody! I’m so glad you stopped by. Yes you are a breast cancer survivor aka ‘thriver’ too! To discover just how much life is worth celebrating is indeed a gift – regardless of the delivery method, is it not? I celebrate you and your walking in health. Abba is so good. Rich blessings upon Faye’s House and Because There Is Hope (http://www.becausethereishope.org/). There’s that ‘HOPE’ word again 🙂 – hugs, Nancy

  4. Hi Nancy,
    I would like to add my friend Jennifer to the list….breast cancer survivor. October in Australia is Springtime, a time of renewal, refocusing and, as you have said, reawakened hope. Thankyou for providing this space to honour these brave women. Cheryl

    • My dear Cheryl ~ thank you for visiting Hopetober from down under! Even as we rustle into autumn where I reside, I love that our hope ‘springs’ eternal regardless of the seasonal scene viewed out our respective windows. I am so grateful with you that your friend Jennifer is a survivor of breast cancer. Bravery becomes these ones. Blessings and gratitude, Nancy

  5. Jessica V (Mama J) :

    My sweet Nancy! This is such a beautiful post and shows off your beautiful poetic way with language.

    My Hopetober list includes you, Linda Jo, Laurie (from church), my mom’s mom (origination in the lungs, passed when I was in womb), my husband’s best friend’s mother (double mastectomy, carries gene), and several others.

    I remember a day about two months into my work at Partners when my mom “casually” mentioned she was going to get a biopsy done on a lump in her breast. She was going alone and didn’t want me to worry. I went right to Amber and Elise, who insisted and agreed that I should go be with her during the appointment. I met her there. I saw the potential of fear in her eyes and the sweet surrender to Jesus throughout the appointment. By God’s grace, it was benign. I have been ever so grateful since.

    Hugs and love to you, and all survivors and those gone before us! Let’s dance and celebrate life!!

    • Hi Mama J 🙂 – Thank you for your love, always at the ready though we are so often far apart these days. Thank you for adding to the Hopetober list of honorees. What a way to earn that badge of honor, courage and strength. Sharing about your own mom is especially poignant. Bless Elise and Amber for insisting you be with her; no woman should go through any of this alone, but often, many do. That has gone deep into my and Wayne’s heart many times as we’ve heard too many breast cancer ‘alone’ stories. I am grateful with you that your mom’s biopsy came back benign. And though you can’t see me, I’m dancin’ the jitterbug with you right here and now! Celebrating life – well lived and those still living…amen to that!! Love, Mama Nanc

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