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Note to self: “You know how you keep thinking you need to get some simplicity into your life?” “Uh-huh.” “Ok then, here’s a great opportunity!” “She’s even giving you plenty of notice! After the holidays, when it’s a great time to make a fresh start.”  

Beginning mid-January 2016!
Teleconference Book Group
Abundant Simplicity by Jan Johnson

There are times in life that over-abundance of ‘stuff’ (both within and without)
is a deterrent or hindrance to the deep longings and God-placed desires of our heart.

The good news is that there is a different way to live –
shedding obligation and pretense instead of adding another layer of ‘more’,
spending time, energy and money in ways that help us become clear-headed,
becoming more intentional about what we do and how we live,
giving ourselves permission to make different and better choices –
ultimately creating space for God’s power to move in us, through us, and outward to others,
while finding personal and other-oriented fulfillment we thought elusive, if not impossible.

It begins with Simplicity.
He adds the Abundant.

This teleconference book group will be comprised of women like yourself
journeying through the book together –
from the comfort of your own home or available space free of distraction,
in 90-minute call-in sessions over a period of ten weeks corresponding to Jan’s ten chapters.

January 12 – March 22, 2016 (NO class March 8)
Tuesdays from 12:15 – 1:45 pm (Pacific Standard Time)
Class Fee: $40 and purchase copy of book

Teleconference group size will be limited to six (6) participants and facilitator
in order to maximize time for participatory interaction and sharing by all.

Advance weekly assignment consists of reading the appropriate chapter
with the aid of a facilitating “thoughts and Q&A” sheet I will email each week prior.

I encourage you to take the first step toward Abundant Simplicity
and claim this spot on your calendar for these ten life-giving weeks,
if you are in such a place or season as these following, among other, indicators suggest:

  • a  desire or need to identify what behaviors are life-draining for you
  • longing to find a way out of stagnant or autopilot living
  • in need of encouraging motivation to tackle the clutter (inside and/or out)
  • aspiration to see time and energy put to use in meaningful ways unique to you
  • a wish to practice the art of giving yourself permission to make different choices
  • desire to learn how to live more lightly in an over-abundant society
  • finding it necessary to live more intentionally and unhurried, making wise(r) decisions
  • desire to live a more peaceful and content grace-examined life with Christ

Space is limited! Call or email me to reserve your spot. I’d love to answer your questions and give you the rest of the details as a participant. The previous class richly benefited – I know you will too!

May I suggest that just buying the book with the intention of reading it alone does not have the same personal and implementation impact as experienced in going through this book in a group setting. This particular volume calls for encouraging comrades on the journey!

A second teleconference may be added depending on ‘abundant’ interest. If you are interested, don’t hesitate!

Let’s connect!  ncbentz@comcast.net / 509.290.6810

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