Readiness for Life Coaching Self-Assessment

Most people can benefit from a Life Coach at some time in life’s endeavors!

The following statements will help you assess your readiness for life coaching. If you answer yes  to half or more of them, life coaching may be God’s next timely step for you!

  • feeling stuck  while desiring to move forward
  • longing for more balance or structure in your life
  • entering a season of transition, whether sought or unexpected
  • a readiness to make a change in your lifestyle, habits, or behavior
  • a growing holy discontent  that is tugging at your heart
  • a felt need for focus and accountability – with encouragement – from another
  • a deepening desire to discover God’s purpose for your life and how you fit into His Kingdom plan
  • a heightened awareness of mortality after surviving a life-threatening illness or occurrence
  • aspiration to move to a new level of effectiveness in your life, vocation, or ministry
  • yearning to experience God more deeply in a transforming way
  • new or increased passion to live out your calling

To learn more about the type of life coaching I offer and available coaching packages, join me over on my Coaching page.

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Nancy Bentz

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