Skinny Pig

Skinny Pig pixDoes anyone out there relate to having too much month left over at the end of the money?

Are you wanting or even trying to launch a new endeavor on what seems like financial fumes?

Does your porker look rather lean when compared to others’ plumper versions?

Do you chew on the tip of your glasses and give an intellectual nod of agreement to Philippians 4:19 – “And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus”…while silently questioning how in the world that  is going to happen?

In these or other situations where your latest four-letter word seems to be spelled l-a-c-k, you are encountering what I’ve nicknamed “Skinny Pig.”

So how do you fatten up that fella?

If I was a savvy financial analyst, had a rich dead uncle, or no ‘t’ in Bentz and Mercedes for a first name, I would probably have a nice fat bank account. However, I’m not, I don’t, and that’s not my name.

So why would a woman who is not independently wealthy think she has something to share that would be of benefit to you?

Probably because she has learned from plenty of Skinny Pig experiences of her own. And, has proven that Philippians 4:19 is true.

When I was just starting out in my coaching training, the Skinny Pig syndrome was alive and well. My piggy was a starvin’ Marvin and yet I had God’s assurance that this endeavor was not just a good idea, but part of His plan for my life.

In February 2011 I was still nearly a year away from transitioning from my 23-year career to life coaching, though I didn’t know it. The timing was clear as mud and the finances were buried somewhere in the dirt. On my Wellspring of Life blog (over on our Shammahs Field website) I wrote a post about this from a God-encounter in 2009 (link below).

I don’t believe in coincidence, but I do believe in Christ Supply.

That was the beginning. Now five years later, there is more substance to my Skinny Pig and it’s not all related to dollar signs. What I’ll share with you here are things discovered along the way by answering one simple question God asked me and is asking you:

What’s in your hand?

~ Nancy

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