The Art of Vacillation

*Do you struggle with indecisiveness? *Have you climbed up in the swing of back and forth and find you can’t jump off? *Do you second-guess yourself and grind to a halt before you even take a first step forward? If every decision becomes a dilemma, I empathize with you. Let’s unpack the art of vacillation a […]

The Art of Becoming Wise

If wisdom and diamonds grew on the same tree, we could soon tell how much men loved wisdom. – Lemuel K. Washburn* Have you ever lost a diamond or its equivalent? Perhaps out of a ring, an earring stud, or a man’s watch? What was your reaction? I know; mine too. *** Mine was an […]

The Art of Snarky

As a writer, I love words. Ideas for blog posts consistently come to me in titles or phrases. At times I can hardly grab pen and paper fast enough. Writing is an art form in itself. So is human nature. The recent new category of The Art of… will provide the gallery for viewing word […]

The Art of Professional Courtesy

The best stories have a teachable moment. Such is the case in the story of a thank you card I received years ago. I kept it for its shock value. I was employed at the time in a position that provided plenty of opportunity to engage with people both inside and outside the organization. In […]