Dept. of Redundancy Department

A little humor for the days it feels like the trillionth time duplicated by seven days a week 🙂 ~ Nancy Free photo credit:

Out on Good Behavior

From our second-floor office in the professional building where we rent space, we have a decent view of the parking lot, the three-way intersection, and the occasional panhandlers and fundraisers who hang out in the planted strip that divides the boulevard traffic. As I was approaching the office one day in early Spring, the sun […]

Four-Letter Punctuation

There are all kinds of four-letter words in today’s vocabulary. Some of them I don’t care to repeat. Heck 🙂 , I find it difficult to understand why the use of them helps make someone culturally ‘relevant’. As a faith-based life coach, I love passion and enthusiasm! However, I have a hard time with the […]

The Art of Excess

When is too much too much? Oh, the art of excess! Since January I’ve been facilitating two groups through the Abundant Simplicity book by Jan Johnson. We are nearly done. Let me clarify. Nearly done with the book. This is my third and fourth time, respectively, journeying through the pages whereby my penchant for specific […]

The Art of Continuance

How many of you entered the new year with a hitch in your get-along? I’ve heard from a few friends, family, and a fellow business-owner in our building that the holidays coincided with virus bugs, migraines, and fever. Or, if not outright sickness, just your general all-purpose malaise. Humanity is tired. It’s no wonder. Both […]

The Bo…yzo’s Are Back in Town

I know why online shopping has become a huge hit. The bo…yzo’s are back in town, congregated wherever things are sold. Especially Costco. For those of you who joined me at the circus in my previous post about bozos (When Everybody’s a Bozo), I’m glad I’m alive to write the next installment. The bozos are […]

Cinderella’s (bunny) Slippers

Last weekend I felt like ‘Cinderella’ here looks. The powers that be messed with my internal clock again. Yep, daylight savings time rode off into the sunset – which is now officially an hour earlier. In my part of the country that means it is already dusky at 4:30 pm and will be pitch dark […]