Dust Me Maybe

I know it’s time to polish the furniture when I can just skip the sticky notes and write my list in the dust. The obvious first item on the list is ‘dust me maybe.’ Having been raised with a ‘Saturday is house cleaning day’ work ethic, I grew up liking neat and tidy. (However, we […]

Big Hair Days

God knows we all proceed through life one day at a time. No matter how much giddy-up we try to manufacture, there are some days the hurrier we go the behinder we get. Then there are those awesome big hair days when even your hair is confident. I love big hair days. Those ‘up at […]

The Language of Resilience

Did you know resilience is a language to be learned, no different than teaching the language of a native tongue? In January of 2017, my husband and I attended an event in nearby Coeur d’Alene, Idaho where this concept of ‘resilience as language’ was introduced to us in the screening of a documentary entitled Resilience: […]

Knees, Jerks and Other Reactions

If kneejerk reactions and bonehead moves were featured in a catalogue, how many of us would have our own special label? In all truthfulness and humiliation, I raise my hand…much more slowly than my knees are prone to jerk. I have a great patellar reflex – the tendency of the knee to jerk involuntarily when […]

Campcation 2

If it takes a village to raise a child, the village we call home took a year to raise a yard sale! Previously in Campcation, all that could go sideways with our week of the Big Project at home did. Earlier in August we were up to our eyeballs with windows 101, 201 and yard […]


As small business owners, our small business consumes a lot of hours. Did you know a house will just sit there and wait for you to do something with it? Considering we’ve lived in our house for 25 years, it’s been quite patient. However, there comes a time that said house needs some TLC that […]

Dept. of Redundancy Department

A little humor for the days it feels like the trillionth time duplicated by seven days a week 🙂 ~ Nancy Free photo credit: MorgueFile.com