Begonias & Bygone Days

November where I live marks the official segue of seasons. Autumn’s beauty begins to fade like a gracefully aged woman stripped of her makeup. Leaves have fallen, are falling, or hanging on for dear life. The first flurries of snow tease without sticking. The wind blusters a bit more forcefully as winter nips at its […]

Knees, Jerks and Other Reactions

If kneejerk reactions and bonehead moves were featured in a catalogue, how many of us would have our own special label? In all truthfulness and humiliation, I raise my hand…much more slowly than my knees are prone to jerk. I have a great patellar reflex – the tendency of the knee to jerk involuntarily when […]

The Art of Dignity

a way of appearing or behaving that suggests seriousness and self-control; the quality of being worthy of honor or respect 1 Culture enjoys all manner of art forms: Literary arts. Media arts. Visual arts. Performing arts. And that sometimes seemingly prehistoric form known as The Art of Dignity. There have been days when in disbelief I’ve wanted […]

A Few Words Kind of Day

One evening my husband and I were flipping through the TV channels when we landed on our local PBS station. Airing that night was a segment following the development of a baby in the womb from a genetic standpoint. It was fascinating. For one who speaks with a pen for my tongue, it led to […]

Four-Letter Punctuation

There are all kinds of four-letter words in today’s vocabulary. Some of them I don’t care to repeat. Heck 🙂 , I find it difficult to understand why the use of them helps make someone culturally ‘relevant’. As a faith-based life coach, I love passion and enthusiasm! However, I have a hard time with the […]


Some people are born schmoozers. I am not one of them. The schmoozer’s glittery vocabulary lands with a brassiness that doesn’t ring true for various reasons. Let’s just say I don’t like being schmoozed. Back in 2003 I remember stepping outside one summer workday to pick up a voicemail on my cell phone. It was […]

Faith and Failure

We’re told there are two ‘inevitables’ in life: death and taxes. In leading with your life as a follower of Christ, I think there are two other ‘inevitables’ as well: faith and failure. Jesus thought so too. It is He who said to Peter – But I have prayed for you. I have prayed that […]