Big or Bitty – It’s Treasure

Pour out the best you have, and always be poor. Never be diplomatic and careful about the treasure God gives. This is poverty triumphant. – Oswald Chambers – Say the word treasure  and visions of rich dead uncles we’re not related to tease “If only…” from our lips. Say the word treasure  and it’s over […]

The A-B-Zzzzz’s of Leading

When I read this bit of ‘kid wisdom’ the first time, I laughed out loud! Followed closely by thinking, ‘Boy, ain’t that the truth.’ No one wants to follow a cranky leader. There’s something to that old adage, ‘out of the mouths of babes’…for sometimes an 8-year-old has the best free advice that if we […]

The Fleece of Least Resistance

How many of us leading with our lives have found ourselves opting for the fleece of least resistance?  I can’t help but wonder if a thorough DNA test would reveal a bit of Gideon ‘warrior’ in a whole bunch of us. Gideon, whose story is told in Judges chapters 6 and 7, was a good […]

Meaningful Things

Sometimes good days become filled with meaningful things and a sense of truly leading with your life. What’s a good day look like to you? If you’re like me, it changes based on your definition of ‘good’ at any given time or felt need. A sampling of my ‘good days’ includes simple joys: – a […]

One Choice From a Different Life

We’ve all been there. One choice from a different life. Sometimes we knew it. Sometimes we blew it. Sometimes a glance in the rearview mirror is all it takes to confirm we made the right choice. Sometimes the coulda, woulda, shoulda’s staccato’d through our mind to a beat our heart never got the hang of. Numerous one […]

Women’s Retreat – May 5-7, 2017

Nancy Bentz, Life Coach & Shammah Ministries  Spring 2017 ‘Desires & Longings’ Women’s Retreat May 5 – 7, 2017 Friday 4 pm to Sunday 10 am Clearwater Lodge at Davis Lake Newport, WA For more about the retreat and all the details, please refer to the retreat brochure. Due to popular request from the last retreat for a […]

That’s a Wrap – Adieu to Sweet ’16

That’s a wrap. Adieu to Sweet ’16. Departed and leaving in her wake the stirred emotions of a sixteen-ager. For many, the past year was not so sweet: some of it was sour, sorrowful, stressful, strict, unrelenting. For many it was a year full of energy, enjoyment, satisfaction, and the thrill of a ‘something’ well […]