In the Absence of …

At times a course is charted as much by the absence of something as by the presence of something. Poets and philosophers have thought long and hard about ‘the road not taken’ or the search for the missing ‘something’ leading to something entirely different being found. We don’t have to write in rhyme or become […]

Clear as Mud and Other Gummer-Uppers

Sometimes you just need to go to the beach. My husband and I went again this year; a habit now of many years and many trips to the froth and foam of the ocean. However, we have yet to simply wake up one day and say, “Let’s get in the car and head for the […]

The Art of Vacillation

*Do you struggle with indecisiveness? *Have you climbed up in the swing of back and forth and find you can’t jump off? *Do you second-guess yourself and grind to a halt before you even take a first step forward? If every decision becomes a dilemma, I empathize with you. Let’s unpack the art of vacillation a […]

The Hinterlands

Finding your way back to ‘You are Here’ I went to my f-f-for-, never mind, high school reunion. It had been twenty years since I’d been to one and ten years before that. The ten year markers were good timing for keeping up with the Cadets, but let me tell you…a ton of life happens […]

I Don’t Live There Anymore

Have you ever taken a trip down memory lane by driving back to the old neighborhood where you once lived? Unless one lived a privileged life, more often than not the years have taken a toll. Chic may now be shabby. What was once freshly painted may now be peeling. Tidy landscaping may look like […]

This or That or Both?

“Don’t give up your day job!” “You want to do what ?” “You’ll never make a living at it.” “How’re you gonna pay the bills?” Since time began and in every language, I have no doubt many ‘somethingpreneurs’ have heard such comments and questions. Often spoken in a dry / incredulous / skeptical / are you […]

Do You Have a February 23rd?

Do you remember where you were or what you were doing on February 23rd? Whether it was yesterday, last year, twenty years ago, or your birthday, my point is this: We remember dates that hold significance for us. What may be a nondescript day on the calendar for some, may be a date of remembrance for […]