Everything Was Going Well…

…until it wasn’t. Adam and Eve. The Apostle Paul. Pioneers of the Old West. They all hold one thing in common: they were individuals in transition charting a new course in life. And no doubt, they each could have been overheard muttering, “Everything was going so well…” Let’s take a peek into their stories. They […]

What Produces Joy?

Today’s Charting the Course post was selected from among the sticky notes on my desk. (Inspiration abounds among the dust bunnies…) I had scribbled on that little paper brain cell the question What produces joy? with a Romans 8:37 note in the upper corner. That familiar verse reads in the Literal Version as – But […]

That’s a Wrap – Adieu to Sweet ’16

That’s a wrap. Adieu to Sweet ’16. Departed and leaving in her wake the stirred emotions of a sixteen-ager. For many, the past year was not so sweet: some of it was sour, sorrowful, stressful, strict, unrelenting. For many it was a year full of energy, enjoyment, satisfaction, and the thrill of a ‘something’ well […]

There’s More to the Story

When was the last time a good story left you hanging? In our fast-paced world you, like me and many others, may not remember. There may be so many good stories left unfinished that you’ve given up trying to circle back around to The End of each one of them. That’s ok. Unless it’s your […]

When the Dust Clears

His parents have taught our youngest grandson to dust off his little boy hands when they’re dusty or dirty; a somewhat regular occurrence as he toddles his way to two years old. The nearby schoolyard and the gravel parking area on the side of our house recently made for some really good dust to dive […]

Get Skippy With It

A few weeks ago I decided to quit. Quit writing. Quit involvement in some commitments once completed. Quit expecting some things to work out the way I’d prefer as they drag on and on. Quit with unappreciative people… Then I took a deep breath and a smack upside the heart and realized what I really […]

Rhythm and Routine

Rhythm and Routine make quite the duo. Rhythm for the right foot and routine for the left. We can dance the night away (metaphorically speaking) when the right foot and the left foot are in sync. When things are flowing well, there’s a little Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers in all of us. It feels […]