Fine Lines: Staying Active or Overly Busy

Today’s coaching lesson takes a look at the balance beam of  staying active or overly busy. Ah, the tightrope of walking those Fine Lines… There are as many variations of this set of our soul as there are people. “What you talkin’ ’bout soul?” “It’s a body thing!” Well, guess who’s behind the wheel of […]

The Art of Continuance

How many of you entered the new year with a hitch in your get-along? I’ve heard from a few friends, family, and a fellow business-owner in our building that the holidays coincided with virus bugs, migraines, and fever. Or, if not outright sickness, just your general all-purpose malaise. Humanity is tired. It’s no wonder. Both […]

Happy Eyes

And happy are your eyes because they see… (Matthew 13:16 YLT) There’s a reason I wear glasses. I don’t have good vision in one eye and can’t see well out the other. Together, they make quite a pair. Sometimes our lives are a walking object lesson. Did I ever have quite an eye-opening one when […]

Fine Lines: Teachable vs Impressionable

Teachable: capable of being taught; able and willing to learn Impressionable: easy to impress or influence We are complex creatures, aren’t we? To think of the computer we have for a brain out of which we function in this life is nothing short of brain-boggling. In the midst of living and learning and learning to […]

Abundant Simplicity ~ Phone-in Book Group

Note to self: “You know how you keep thinking you need to get some simplicity into your life?” “Uh-huh.” “Ok then, here’s a great opportunity!” “She’s even giving you plenty of notice! After the holidays, when it’s a great time to make a fresh start.”   Beginning mid-January 2016! Teleconference Book Group Abundant Simplicity by Jan […]

Beautiful Feet

Let’s face it. Hands down, our feet are valuable. – They take us places. – They are our motivation in motion. – And if they could talk, what stories they could tell! Yes, they are quite valuable. But sometimes it’s a bit harder to convince our heart of that. Blisters and bunions and calloused, oh […]

Celebrating My Five Year Marker!

July 31, 2015. Five years since the dreaded diagnosis of breast cancer returned. Five years of my social calendar marked with visits to my oncologist who, along with my husband, was my faithful companion for nine long years. The past five, and the four before that when I didn’t make it to my five year […]