When You’re the Caregiver, Part Two

Welcome back to part two of When You’re the Caregiver (click the title for a refresher), where six weeks ago I posed a scenario and the questions: So what do you do? How do you now navigate through the many details and issues thrust upon you? How do you fit in the necessities of your […]

Do You Have a February 23rd?

Do you remember where you were or what you were doing on February 23rd? Whether it was yesterday, last year, twenty years ago, or your birthday, my point is this: We remember dates that hold significance for us. What may be a nondescript day on the calendar for some, may be a date of remembrance for […]

When You’re the Caregiver

Things can turn on a dime. One day you’re celebrating the 86th birthday of one of your parents and six days later receiving a text that they have been taken to Emergency with a suspected stroke. An MRI later and it’s no longer suspected. It’s confirmed. With one side no longer functioning, one of your […]

Sparkle On! – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As an advocate for spiritual heart health (see Wellspring of Life), I also urge women to get their mammogram! Both of my breast cancer diagnoses came as a result of being detected on my annual mammogram. There are some reasons your mammogram is important: 1. If you have not had a baseline (first) mammogram done […]

Hopetober – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

There’s something about the month of October that I think is simply ideal for serving as Breast Cancer Awareness month. It stands elegantly at the door of farewell to summer and shall we dance? In October the gowns of nature are deeper and more vibrant, so intoxicating to one’s gaze. October reigns as queen of […]

Boundary Lines in Pleasant Places

Thinking today of the Lord’s math. July 21, 2010 I was given the diagnosis of cancer returned. A few weeks later on August 8 I wrote Boundary Lines in Pleasant Places on my Wellspring of Life blog. July – seventh month; 21st – three sets of seven. Completion, completion, completion. August 8 – new beginnings, […]

In the Land of the Living

It’s a scene easily recalled…where I was when I received the pronouncement that “You’ve got cancer.” I would much rather have heard “You’ve got mail,” because this was a delivery I did not want! Then, four years later, dé·jà vu. Though the second diagnosis blindsided me, I was better prepared for it. Only because I […]