Hopetober 2016 – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

My favorite announcements are those made up of autumn’s foliage. One quick read broadcasts in vibrant ‘Printer’s Ink’ that October has arrived! It’s enough to cause sensory overload. So does yet another email from a dear friend half a globe away telling me she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Surgery is scheduled for next […]

Hopetober Reigns – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In last year’s breast cancer awareness post, October was forever re-named in my mind when I happened to christen it Hopetober (just click the title for the link). One year later I find it still fits, for hope does not go out of style. Or need. A lot of life has happened in the year […]

Celebrating My Five Year Marker!

July 31, 2015. Five years since the dreaded diagnosis of breast cancer returned. Five years of my social calendar marked with visits to my oncologist who, along with my husband, was my faithful companion for nine long years. The past five, and the four before that when I didn’t make it to my five year […]

Do You Have a February 23rd?

Do you remember where you were or what you were doing on February 23rd? Whether it was yesterday, last year, twenty years ago, or your birthday, my point is this: We remember dates that hold significance for us. What may be a nondescript day on the calendar for some, may be a date of remembrance for […]

Sparkle On! – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As an advocate for spiritual heart health (see Wellspring of Life), I also urge women to get their mammogram! Both of my breast cancer diagnoses came as a result of being detected on my annual mammogram. There are some reasons your mammogram is important: 1. If you have not had a baseline (first) mammogram done […]

Hopetober – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

There’s something about the month of October that I think is simply ideal for serving as Breast Cancer Awareness month. It stands elegantly at the door of farewell to summer and shall we dance? In October the gowns of nature are deeper and more vibrant, so intoxicating to one’s gaze. October reigns as queen of […]