Dust Me Maybe

I know it’s time to polish the furniture when I can just skip the sticky notes and write my list in the dust. The obvious first item on the list is ‘dust me maybe.’ Having been raised with a ‘Saturday is house cleaning day’ work ethic, I grew up liking neat and tidy. (However, we […]

Big or Bitty – It’s Treasure

Pour out the best you have, and always be poor. Never be diplomatic and careful about the treasure God gives. This is poverty triumphant. – Oswald Chambers – Say the word treasure  and visions of rich dead uncles we’re not related to tease “If only…” from our lips. Say the word treasure  and it’s over […]

Everything Was Going Well…

…until it wasn’t. Adam and Eve. The Apostle Paul. Pioneers of the Old West. They all hold one thing in common: they were individuals in transition charting a new course in life. And no doubt, they each could have been overheard muttering, “Everything was going so well…” Let’s take a peek into their stories. They […]

The Art of Being Present

If it weren’t for story, it would be hard to express myself. Even with a love for narrative, it’s difficult at times to find the words to express what is percolating inside. Eventually a lip print gets left on the mug as one thought after another sips out. The other side of the coffee mug […]

The A-B-Zzzzz’s of Leading

When I read this bit of ‘kid wisdom’ the first time, I laughed out loud! Followed closely by thinking, ‘Boy, ain’t that the truth.’ No one wants to follow a cranky leader. There’s something to that old adage, ‘out of the mouths of babes’…for sometimes an 8-year-old has the best free advice that if we […]

The Fleece of Least Resistance

How many of us leading with our lives have found ourselves opting for the fleece of least resistance?  I can’t help but wonder if a thorough DNA test would reveal a bit of Gideon ‘warrior’ in a whole bunch of us. Gideon, whose story is told in Judges chapters 6 and 7, was a good […]

Fine Lines: Where Grace Ends and Incompetence Begins

“Where does grace end and incompetence begin?” It’s been a while since we met at the intersection of Fine Lines (sometimes the Dear Abby of this blog). Motivation for writing Fine Lines: Where Grace Ends and Incompetence Begins came when I received the following email: “Nancy, I just read your blog about the BOZOs. I met a […]

Fire & Grace

~ Nancy

Assembly Required

I have a handy coaching tool called G.R.O.W. Per the usual when working with a tool and growing a life, there is some assembly required. (I worked for an organization that spoke in the Acronym language. Foreign at the outset, if one studied well and long enough, you too could become proficient in Acronym-speak. I […]

Beautiful God

A picture is worth a thousand words. And sometimes a song comes along with just the right ones. Surrounded by our Beautiful God everywhere we turn. Have you looked up lately? ♥ ~ Nancy I’m just a coaching contact away should the music get your juices flowin’! Photo credit: Flowers against a blue sky (II) via photopin […]